PayPal at Starving Artists

Starving Artists introduces Shopping Carts for Gold service members

The benefits...
Today's online art buyers expect to be able to make a decision to buy and act on it immediately. Now they can! The service is entirely optional - use for some, none, or all your images - the decision is yours.  And there is no extra charge for this feature - your Gold subscription includes updates and upgrades to your gallery and to Starving Artists as they occur.

What do I need?...
You need a PayPal Premier or Business account (or the new Website Payments account).  Maybe you already have a PayPal Personal account?  PayPal allow you one personal and one "Business" account, but you cannot accept credit card payments with your Personal account. The Premier account is all you need - the Business account simply allows you to trade under your business name.  The only expense you will incur is the PayPal fee for each transaction.

  • Not yet one of PayPal's 90 million account holders?   To set up your PayPal Premier account simply visit, click on "Sign up for your FREE PayPal account", select "business" account, select your country and complete the simple form.
  • Existing Personal account member.  First choose or create a new email address (not the one used to open your personal account - "" for example), go to the PayPal site, don't log on then follow the steps above.
  • Existing Premier or Business account member.  Perfect!  You need do nothing at all.

What does Starving Artists need...
All we require to add a PayPal shopping Cart to your gallery is the email address that you used to open your PayPal Premier account. Please note: At no time will Starving Artists need your PayPal password - this puts you firmly in control of your account - only you have access to it.

What else do I need to do?...
Almost nothing.  But now that you have the ability to sell multiple variations of one image, each time you submit new artwork it is doubly important that you provide us with all the information we need to complete your page.

Currently our system is set up for you to select up to three (3) of any of the following:

  • Print (Open or Limited edition)
  • Print - matted/mounted
  • Print - framed
  • Artists Proof
  • Artists Proof - matted/mounted
  • Artists Proof - framed
  • Original artwork
  • Original artwork - matted/mounted
  • Original artwork - framed
  • Greeting card (single)
  • Notecards (pack)
  • Poster
So, for example, you could offer your study of "Mad Mabel's Teaparty" with three options - print, matted print and artists proof - all from the same page. And your customer can purchase one, two or all the options you offer. We can create other icons if you require them.

Full details of each option should be entered into your "Print - details" or "Original for sale" instant popup displays. When completing the Members form make sure to include all the information on all the options.

How does it work?... Try it — it's a live page...(and includes all the current features)

  Point to green "buttons"
    for instant information
  Click red buttons to visit
    website or email artist
  Title of artwork and artist
  Extra information
  Zoom in / zoom out
  Artwork data
    Currency conversions
    are updated regularly.
  Point to to convert
  Point to icons to select
    available options
  Click to add selected
    option to cart
  Click to checkout or alter
  Point for instant help!

What do I do next?...
Set up your PayPal Premier, Business, or Website Payments account then use the Members page to send us full details of the any new or existing images that you want to sell through PayPal.  Just leave the rest to us.