Multiple shipping charges... Gold members shopping carts - you can now specify the shipping charge for each product of each image. For each option, set price as the price of that item, post as the postage for each item ordered, and ship (you can leave it blank) as the shipping/handling cost to be added to the first item.    shipping help

More text for ALL members... Instead of up to 40 words beneath an image, you can now have as many words as you can fit into the image display space! The full text is displayed when you visitor passes their mouse over the button at the end of the truncated text...

New Distinctive link address for Gold members -
The default link "" can be altered to anything you choose, such as "~JohnsFineArt"   or   "~Smith-Custom-Portraiture". Use it to promote your work - anytime and anywhere that might attract traffic to your gallery.

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This is your CONTROL CENTRE - you send us new pictures from here, remove old ones and make any changes to your Starving Artists gallery — or just send us a message.  Just complete the ID below then make your selection.
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ORIGINAL — optional PopUp box details — GOLD service only
Selling your original artwork?  You can customise the info box that pops up when your visitors hover over the "Original for sale" button.

PRINT — optional PopUp box details — GOLD service only
Is your print matted or framed? On acid-free paper? You can customise the info box that pops up when your visitors hover over the "Print - detail" button.   Include details of all options if offering more than one via your shopping cart.

PAYPAL Shopping cart — option details — GOLD service only

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Exhibition details - post/alter/remove

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Please alter the reference to this show:

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Please remove reference to this show or shows:
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