To make this as painless as possible, we'll lead you through the six simple steps needed to have your own Starving Artists gallery created.  Don't forget you can upgrade to the Gold service at any time if you want to benefit from the extra gallery features or need your own Commission Details panel.

You must have at least one drawing available with which to open your gallery and, if you wish, a small photo, drawing or painting of yourself.

Click on any of the steps below and you'll be taken to a full explanation and "How To" tips.


Do you have a Scanner? A digital camera? Any camera? Do you know anyone who has any of these? Then we're in business!

Before you can set up your gallery you have to get your drawings into your computer - and in a way that keeps your masterpieces looking their best.

A SCANNER is the best means as it is unaffected by lighting conditions, the budgie kicking sand on your drawing... or your finger getting in front of the camera lens!  If your drawing is too big to scan in one piece then scan it in bits and join them together again in your computer.  How?  Click here to take a look at my "How to" article at or (if you are really having problems) send me the bits and I'll try to piece it back together.

A DIGITAL CAMERA can work quite well and is certainly better than nothing but you will probably have to experiment to get a good photo.  Take a lot with different lighting conditions - outside in natural light is best, try to keep it flat and watch out for glare from the sun.   You might like to try placing your drawing on the ground to photograph it as you stand over it.  Try to keep it square with the sides of the viewfinder and don't let your own shadow fall across it!

A CAMERA (preferably a 35mm SLR) can be just as good and is often better than a digital one.  Follow the same advice as above and then mail me your photograph.  Of course I can only guess at what it really looks like, but I'll have a good try at making it look just like your drawing.  If you don't like the result, just say so and we can try again.

OK, so you have your drawing in the scanner... now what? Well that rather depends on whether or not you used colour in your drawing. The idea here is to keep the size of the file as small as possible without losing too much quality. So try the following:

If your scanner allows it, don't save your scan as a JPEG (JPG) or GIF. JPGs in particular lose tiny bits of your drawing every time you save so, if you can, save it as a TIFF, PSD, BMP or anything else on offer. As you are going to show your drawing on the Web it's not necessary to set a high resolution level. Eh? Well, the web will display your work at 72 pixels per inch (ppi) so you are just wasting time and file size by choosing to scan at say 300 ppi. However I suggest you scan at 100 ppi in colour for the actual scan then cut it down later.

*Tip* - If your scanner won't allow you to send your scanned image directly to your favoured imaging application then instead open the application and look under "File" for "Open Special", "Import" or similar. This should enable you to select the scanner from the application itself and link directly to it.

Now that you have your scan opened in your favourite imaging program (I prefer Adobe Photoshop) you need to set about getting it ready for sending to Starving Artists.

For graphite pencil drawings and charcoal (or anything else without visible colour) alter your picture to the following:

  • 72 ppi
  • No larger than 600 pixels wide or high
  • Find the option that controls the colour settings and choose "grayscale". This will drastically reduce your file size as it drops all knowledge of colour
  • Unless your drawing is a simple line drawing, save it as a JPG rather than a GIF.  GIFs are good for solid blocks of colours but not graduated tones. When saving as a JPG you may have the option of choosing a level of quality - low, medium, high or 15,50,100 for example - use the highest setting necessary to maintain the quality of your drawing.

For colour work, be particularly careful of file size and choose a lower JPG quality if necessary. Try to get your file size below 150KB if you can but no more than 400KB or our system will refuse it.

And please DON'T load your image into a document such as a Word .DOC file before you send it!  You will just create a nightmare document that can take up to 90 minutes to download (as we know from experience!) and which we probably can't use....  Just save your file to your Desktop as a JPG so it's easily found later when you need to send it to us in step 3.


As this is your first submission to Starving Artists we need all your details.  All the information is safe with us — we will never divulge anything to anyone at any time.  If you close your gallery at some later date all your details will be erased from our system.  OK?  Good - So please complete the form and give details of the first image you want to put into your gallery.  We can change the order of images in your gallery — just email us your requirements.

All boxes marked * must be completed.  When you've completed the form just click the submit now button and your gallery is on its way to being created.

Personal details
Mr,Mrs...  *first name  *surname
Your address
Required*  It doesn't need to be your own address but we do need to have other means of contacting you - just in case you change your email address.... or a local farmer ploughs up our phone line again...  We will never pass on your address to anyone.

Don't forget to include your zip/post code and country.

The dreaded technical bit (sorry!).  Here you tell your computer (because it's not as clever as it thinks it is) where you put the file that you saved of your drawing and what you called it.

Locate your drawing

Click browse to find the location of the JPG or GIF file that you saved your drawing as.
Click on the image you want to send.
Click open to mark the file to be sent.
The path to the file and its name should now appear in the box above.

We accept only JPG, BMP, GIF and TIF - max file size: 400KB
display details
Here you enter the information that you want displayed about your drawing.
Medium ...medium if "other"
Size  × units 
Please write any additional information below:

Now tell us about the type of artwork you're sending.
Edition (number of prints if Limited Edition)

And finally.....
Is the original for sale? No    Yes
Include your website address? No    Yes


This is the bit when you think "but no-one's going to be interested in me" — but you'd be wrong!  People love to know the person behind the art - it makes it so much more approachable and friendly.

So tell us a bit about yourself so we can make it into a short biography for your gallery's front page. We've posed a few questions to help you but you're not obliged to answer them...!

Personal stuff...
Your age? (You're allowed to lie!) How long have you been drawing?
What is your favourite drawing medium?
Male or female? Married? Children?

OK, you get the idea? Tell us about your love of art, how you got started, how often you get to draw and when...

...and, if you wish, send us a small photo of yourself for inclusion...

Click browse to find the location of the JPG or GIF file that you saved your photo as.
Click open to mark the file to be sent.
The path to the file and its name should now appear in the box above.

That's it! Well done... now complete the code below and click the submit now button to send us the fruits of your labour.   If you have other images to send, just alter step 3 and send it again... and again... until you've finished.

Once your gallery is online, to add more images all you need do is click the Members button, enter your name and email address and the details of your drawing - we keep all your other details on file so we'll know who you are.  And don't forget to tell us if any of your details change - such as your email or website address because nobody will be able to commission an original, buy your work or to say how good they think it is!

Please enter the following security code:

Please be patient while your hard work is sent to us and we take you to the subscription page...