COMMISSION PANEL - Content and how to set it up
As the format of your panel is flexible - making for a complicated submission form (what a nightmare that could be!) - please just give the information required below in a normal email format. I'll sort it out and format it once I receive it. You will find it easier to write this in Notepad or similar then click the Members button, select "send Commission details", cut and paste your entry into the box then click Submit and you're done.

The Commission Finder and your Commission Panel combine to match visitors wishing to commission work with suitable Starving Artists. This is currently achieved by a front page selection box listing subjects from which to choose an artist. For example, it includes PORTRAIT, PET PORTRAIT, BUILDINGS, CARICATURE, FLORAL and FANTASY.

Your Commission Panel will include:
  1. One thumbnail image per category (from your current gallery)
  2. Space for you to describe your services.
  3. Prices and conditions if you wish to include them.

This is a typical example but the layout will be altered to suit your content.





I draw in graphite and coloured pencils. If you would like to commission me to draw something for you, just email me your photograph to be drawn so we can discuss the picture before I begin. Please scan it in a high resolution - I recommend at least 300dpi. If you would like a progress report just let me know and I will scan the work and email it to you.

If you need more information on sending the photographs, prices, etc., please go to my website (click on the button below) and view the page on "commissions".

Typical Prices
for graphite pencil drawing  — US$75.00 (10" x 8")
for coloured pencil drawing  — US$100.00 (10" x 8")

Shipping is in addition to the price.
Link to your Starving Artists gallery

You may enter your panel under as many headings as you wish (the example above has four entries - Portraits, Caricatures, Pets and Buildings). You can nominate your own category if one does not already exist (eg: Gardenscapes) but you must be able to supply one image to suit each category and this image must be featured in your gallery.

Please supply the following information to fit within the format as shown on the sample page above....

  • A brief description of your services and/or procedures
  • A general idea (or short list) of your fees
  • List the subjects for which you are willing to produce commissioned work (if no suitable categories exist then I will create them as required)
  • Nominate one image from your gallery for inclusion on the page for each subject category listed above. (If the image is not currently shown in your gallery please submit it for inclusion)

I always welcome any suggestions for improving the site or additional services that you would like to see offered .... so don't be shy!


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