About us at Starving Artists

Welcome!  Starving Artists offers the opportunity for emerging artists of all abilities to present their work to the world.  You can browse the galleries by Subject and Artist so there are two ways that you can enjoy and discover the work of our artists. All images in individual galleries are assigned to Subject galleries too. If you find a work that interests you in a Subject gallery just click the "view this artists work" link below any image to see their own gallery. And feel free to click the "email" button on each page, which puts you in direct contact with that artist, or click the "website" button to visit their own site.

Starving Artists began life as my Guest Art Gallery at Mike Sibley Fine Art and quickly grew in size so I decided to split it away with its own identity. It became the site I wish I'd had access to 25 years ago when I first turned professional and continues with the same philosophy - to serve and promote emerging artists and businesses. Starving Artists is hand-coded by me as I believe this offers the best service with personally optimised images and thumbnails and galleries optimised for Search Engine indexing in a way that few, if any, automated processes can equal.

Two years later the site had grown to include over 250 artists. The work load was now such that my service to members dropped to a level that I found unacceptable. On august 1st 2004 the policy of free galleries was discontinued and Starving Artists was re-launched from its own 80GB server as a subscription site. Extra facilities were built for Gold galleries, Silver galleries continue to offer normal service - and the automated galleries of Starving Artists 2 were born to accommodate artists seeking free webspace to display their art.

Where will Starving Artists go to from here? I have plenty of ideas for additional facilities and try to respond to new ideas and directions whenever they become apparent. Potentially self-funding with space to grow on its new server, Starving Artists has an exciting future ahead of it. As I write in October of 2004 Starving Artists has just been opened up to art in all media (previously it was dedicated to the drawing arts), I have recently incorporated PayPal shopping carts into Gold service galleries, Starving Artists email address will soon be on offer to members and an external and professionally-run mailing list service is on the cards coupled with a newsletter informing subscribers of new artists and new work. While everyone enjoys themselves in Starving Artists 2 the serious work of promoting the core Starving Artists galleries continues. Starving Artists will continue to strive to promote its members and their art. It's an exciting time!

Visitor, Artist, Member...... Your suggestions and comments about Starving Artists and ideas for new features are always welcome.
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