Linda Weil was born in 1957 in America. Now married and living in Australia, her favourite mediums are Pencil, ink and coloured pencil with watercolour washes. She says...

I was born in California, and moved to Australia at a young age. I have always drawn - my first efforts were on the bedroom wall when I was sick with measles at the age of three. Recognising this early talent (or trying to amuse a bored child) my mother sent me to drawing classes every summer. Even with this early encouragement, teachers and parents told me that being an artist was no way to make a living.

I compromised and became a Graphic Designer and Art Director for national magazines ("New Idea", "Your Garden"). This gave me the opportunity to draw and paint and work as an illustrator for the print media in Australia. It also was a great place to experiment, and get paid for it!

I now freelance as a desginer, and have returned to my first love of drawing more or less full time. The freelance pays the bills, the drawing keeps me sane... sort of. I have just started to exhibit and sell my work, and have won a few awards in the past year. This is encouraging, and helps keep the motivation level up when the finances are down! I draw mainly animals, but have recently started other types of work - landscape, still life studies and that sort of thing. I love to draw - I don't think a day in my life has gone by when I haven't drawn something.

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