Emily Powell was born in the late 1970s and has been drawing off and on since she was a child. Emily told us...

As a child, I spent hours hidden away in my bedroom drawing anything I could think of and everything that took my fancy from mum and dad's nature books, while mum read us bedtime stories.

Studying Art at school gave me plenty of inspiration and opportunity to let my creative side loose. After finishing school and leaving home, a full time job and no one to do my washing and housework for me soon pushed my artistic side into decline and while I have dabbled in various different media, I only rekindled my love of drawing in 2008 when I had to take some time off work following an operation.

After tackling a few different still lifes, I was desperate for more inspiration and well and truly bitten with the drawing bug, but tried and failed over and over to draw anything that resembled a real live animal or person.

After a frantic on-line search for ‘how to draw realistic fur’, I discovered Mike's amazing book "Drawing from Line to Life" and after devouring the book from cover to cover and attending one of Mike’s fantastic workshops, my drawings were transformed. I have endless lists of things I am desperate to draw and, when time allows, I spend what time I can tucked away in my study with my dog, Sprocket curled up on my feet (or hassling for some attention), following my passion.

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