Irish artist, husband and father, John Duffy was born in 1954 and, as well as drawing, indulges himself in his hobbies of playing Irish music (flute and tin whistle) and fly fishing for salmon and trout. John told us...

As a youngster, I was good at drawing, but it died off in my teens when distractions entered the arena.  My twenties were spent getting married and producing four sons, so there was no time for drawing then either.

I worked at manufacturing garden products but when my financial circumstances changed about ten years ago I had to start drawing again to earn a few shillings. I am self-taught and my ability improved with time. I draw portraits, especially of buildings, and my biggest commission to date was a book of 117 churches, drawn for the Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin.

I recently got access to the Internet and I am amazed at the high standard achieved in pencil by Mike and others, and I am very encouraged by it.

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